Wednesday February 3, 2010

Small Power Plant

Small Power Plant, Hwy 61, Minnesota, Jan. 24, 2008 (Image 13779). Gunflint Road Trip, January 2008

I’ve posted a fresh portfolio, (not a new one, it’s from 2008.) The images are from far Northern Minnesota along the North Shore and the Gunflint Trail.

This image from that portfolio contains much of what has interested me in my image making. I’ll let you consider what those themes are for yourself.

This picture always reminds me of the state of the national paranoia. When I was taking this picture I was hassled by a watchful consumer er I mean citizen. He was concerned I was taking pictures of “our facility.” According to dim, I mean him, “our facility” is on the Homeland Security list. Come on, I’m sure terrorists wreak havoc by stopping on a busy highway to set up a tripod and take pictures of a road. Scary! And if “our facility” is on the list is my garage? Is taking pictures near my garage a threat to national security?

Enough reminiscing. Check out the portfolio.

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