Thursday February 4, 2010

New Portfolio: Road Trip to Yellowstone, Aug. 2008

Exit 406, I-90, So. Dakota, 6:35pm, Aug. 8, 2008 (Image 14696).

I’ve posted yet another fresh portfolio. (And again it’s not new it’s from 2008.) The photos are from our road trip to Yellowstone that year. I mean on the road to Yellowstone, not in Yellowstone. (I’m putting that one together now.)

We took a leisurely, some might say excruciating, three days to travel there that year. We usually leave late afternoon, traveling all night and get to Gardiner in the morning for breakfast at the Town Talk Cafe. That breakfast almost makes the trip worth it by itself. I took this opportunity to create a travel portfolio across the Great Plain on I-90. My stops were semi-random. There was no going back to an interesting spot. I either hit the exit or kept going. And when I stopped I had to get in and out of the car fast to keep the convoy going. No over thinking and not much worry about getting pretty pictures. I was just photographing what I found. It’s really about driving and seeing.

Check out the the portfolio .

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